1. How to book for a particular Trip?

To book your trip, Please click here


2. What is the best time to travel, trek or spend an overnight camping?

Whole year round.

3. How about June to October? do you still dispatch trips in these months?

Yes, we are dispatching trips everyday (whole year round) and May-October is rainy months, trips in these months are weather dependent.

 4. Can I bring a child? do you have age limit?

Yes, you may bring kids 5 and above& elderly as long as they are physically fit and no illness that might be triggered by dust & exhaustion.

 5. Can we bring our own car? Do you have a safe parking?

Yes, you may bring your own car/vehicle and park it at the dispatching area. Or you can park it in the Resort.

 6. Can I ask for a refund in case I cancel the trip?

Yes, we have a cancellation policy. Just click this link to view

 7. What is your meet-up time?

Required meet up time for Taal Volcano  trip is 5:00am to 6:00am.

 8. What are the Routes?

For the meantime it’s only the regular tourist  trail in Brgy. San Nicolas. We are working to have other trail coming from Brgy San Isidro.

 9. How about the rates?

Rates vary depending upon the number of trek participants, transport & food. You may check our website for current Tour Package rates. You may visit this link to view

 10. What is the maximum load of the boat?

It may load up to 6 pax . You will share it with the driver and guide. Wearing life jacket is mandatory (provided by boat owners). Overloading is not allowed.

 11. What if I’m a solo traveler or we are a couple?

For a cheaper cost, you may look for a public tour schedule. We pool people for a particular date, usually 6pax per trip.

 12. What if I just have a limited time of stay and there is no public trip?

We can arrange a private tour for you. Please note that you have to pay the full cost because regardless if you are alone or a couple,  boat rental, horse ride& guide fees are still the same.

 13. I heard there is an additional charge for foreign nationals?

Yes, we charge additional 500php. This is as per local Tourism policy. They have specific package rate for local & foreign nationals. If you have a valid Philippine ID, you may declare yourself as local.

 14. Is there a place  to spend an overnight camping activity? Yes, we can arrange a place for you.

15. What about the photos that I saw from your gallery? Do I have to send you some of the pictures so you can post it?

No, we assign field coordinators to accompany you during the trip but this is optional if you want privacy. They will cover your tour and photos will be uploaded in a page storage of our Picasa Account. We also create Slides for your photos in our Gallery. We need at least 2 weeks to create your web album.

 16. Can I request an English speaking guide?

Yes.Aside from the local trail guides, staffs from Philippines gateway Team are also joining the trip to ensure that your concerns will be attended  immediately. They usually have first aid kits & camera to cover your tour. You can easily identify them because they are wearing Philippines Gateway  uniform & ID.

 17. What should I wear & bring ?

Light clothing, hats and rubber shoes are recommended.  Please ensure that you have sun & rain protection, extra trail water, food and sun block.

 18. Can I book for a worry free activity? Can you arrange my food & transportation and accommodation in hotel?

Yes. We can arrange a private-all-inn trip but this comes at extra cost. If you have no problem paying an extra, we can arrange a trip wherein you only have to bring yourself during the trip. Just email us your preferences & we will send you the price & details.

 19. Can we rebook in case there areheightened Volcanic Alerts?

Yes, we are both responsible to monitor volcanic alerts and if your trip is cancelled because of this reason, you are free to rebook any safe day you like.

 20. If you still have further concerns which is not mentioned here, please feel free to send your queries to