No Additional Charges for Foreign Nationals
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1person ———————- 7,000php 2persons ——————— 3,750php 3persons ——————— 2,700php 4 – 6persons —————– 2,500php 7 – 9persons —————– 2,400php 10 – 12persons ————– 2,300php 13 – 15persons ————– 2,200php 16 – 19persons ————– 2,100php 20 – 25persons ————– 2,000php PACKAGE 2-
1person ———————- 8,000php 2persons ——————— 4,000php 3persons ——————— 3,500php 4persons ——————— 3,000php 5 – 8persons —————– 2,800php 9 – 12persons —————- 2,700php 13 – 15persons ————– 2,600php 16 – 18persons ————– 2,400php 19 – 22persons ————– 2,200php PLEASE EMAIL US FOR GROUP RATE
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  • 4WD Jeep ride (inclusive of rental, gas, road fees and driver’s fees and meal)
  • Tour Guide per jeep
  • Porter (to carry your lunch, tents and picnic blankets)
  • Entrance Fees
  • Conservation and Maintenance Fees
  • Packed Lunch (rice, 500ml water, banana and a choice of viand)
  • Use of shower facility (after the trek)
  • Trip arrangement/processing of climbing permit
Use of 1 camping tent per jeep
There are no cottages in the area so this is the safest way to keep your belongings while you roam around the crater. In case you want to take a quick dip at the crater lake, you can also have a private area where you can change your clothes otherwise, you need to do it behind the trees.
Use of Picnic Blanket
Use of Arm Floaters for kids
We also cover your tour with digital photos
We usually post it online after 2 weeks of your trip and save your photos in a paid storage of our PICASA Account but this is always an optional if you need privacy. Inform us in advance so we won’t take photos. Please also note that this is just a free service so requests for early posting is not applicable. This always depends upon the availability of our staffs especially during peak season. Furthermore, we have some clients that requested to delete their web albums 2 years ago and now they are requesting if they can retrieve their photo due to several reasons; their pc were corrupt, attacked by a virus etc & they lost all their files. Please note further that we can no longer recover deleted photos.