Preparation for Mount Pinatubo Trekking We usually send trekking reminders to help you pack your baggage. If you’re a team leader of your group, you have to ensure that info is properly disseminated among your team to help them pack the necessary things. Most of the time, Team Leaders were blamed by their members on the final trek date because they failed to forward or discuss these important reminders. PACK YOUR THINGS RIGHT AND LIGHT It’s really a no no to pack things as if you’re going to a holiday abroad. Please note that you are going to a mountain so don’t bring bulky baggage because it would make your trekking difficult and tiring. Pack only what you need. You may prepare 2 bags, the back pack that you will bring when you climb, small bag for things that you will use after the trekking. You may leave this at the dispatching area or at the 4wd jeep at the jump off point but be sure to inform them about your baggage and never leave valuables. Please use medium sized back pack. It’s just a one day trip so the lighter, the better. Just limit your baggage from 3 to 4kilos. You may bring the following:
  • Camera and extra battery
  • Umbrella or light raincoat
  • Big hat or cap
  • Towel/Scarf or Mask to protect you from dust
  • Shawl/malong (this is important esp for the female trekkers)
  • Medicine (Alaxan, paracetamol or meds for stomach trouble
  • Sunblock Lotion
  • Tissue/napkin
  • Extra trail water
  • Extra Trail Food
  • Slipper (Mandatory)
  • Swim wear
Please don’t bring valuables/jewelry during trekking. Most of our clients lost their mobile phones, jewelries or watches either at the trail, when they swim or during shower. Some cases, while applying sunblock, they will remove their watch or bracelet then forget it afterwards. There is no assurance that you can recover lost valuables so please leave it at home/car Furthermore, you need to cover your things, mobile phones, wallets and camera or any other electronic gadgets with zip lock plastic to protect it from sudden rainfall. We had an experience that some of our previous clients disregarded this particular reminder and they were caught in a sudden rain fall as they descend from the mountain and their cams and phones were soak &  wet
TREKKING FOOTWEAR Anything that is comfortable and durable is fine. You may opt for sandal, rubber shoes, boots or slippers. If you decided to wear rubber shoes or sandal, wearing thick & tight socks is highly recommended. Please note that the environment is a mixture of volcanic ash and sand and it will penetrate your shoes and sandal that might cause blisters at the end of the day. You can avoid it by wearing a proper sock. The longer, the better. TREKKING POLE/STICK This is highly recommended especially for the elderly to keep your balance. Please note that you will be crossing some rivers and streams and will step on big rocks and trekking poles will  be a big help. If you don’t have one but you think that you will need it, you may ask the assistance of the assigned guide. There are some bamboo sticks in the area and you can use it as replacement. TRAIL SNACK If you opt for package with meals, then no need to bring too many foods because the lunch that we provide is enough to meet your need. Lunch is usually served with rice, banana, 500Ml bottled water, and 2 sets of viands. Viand options is indicated in the online registration form. Your team leader will tick the option boxes and choose the viand for your group. Meals are distributed at the crater. If you skip your breakfast or if you opt to bring some trail food, Chocolate  and soda is highly recommended. According to our previous clients (doctors) Our sugar drops as the elevation increases and usually results to dizziness & exhaustion. It is best to take sweets & soda to replenish this loss and regain your stamina. You can also opt for biscuits, banana or any food of your choice as long as you make it light. KEEP YOU GARBAGE & BRING IT DOWN You may bring anything that you want as long as you can carry it and will not dispose or throw it in the mountain. Climbing mountains is a great adventure and our advocacy is to help you & arrange your climb but we must ensure that we maintain environmental cleanliness. Let’s keep Mount Pinatubo clean. Please keep your garbage & bring it down. You can also turn over your garbage to the assigned field coordinators & guides. We ensure that each team has black bags or plastic for garbage. Thank you for availing our service. I hope this trekking reminder will be read and shared to your team.