Taal Volcano – Worlds known as the most smallest active volcano, It is situated on Talisay, province of Batangas. It is 50 kilometer away from Manila, Philippines capital city and usually traveled by passenger bus via South Super Highway or Aguinaldo Highway.

While the volcano is known as the most smallest of its kind, in reality the visible area is just the crater of the Volcano as the boby is completely covered by Taal lake water. Taal lake is known for its some violent eruption in the past causing death from inhabitant living in populated Municipality that surrounds the volcano.

Taal Volcano is surrounded by a body of fresh water known as Taal lake which is also recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Fisheries is one of the main livelihood for localities as there are a lots of fish cages for culture.

Taal Lake and Volcano Tourism:

Taal Lake and Volcano is one of the most popular tourist destination for local and foreign tourist. Tourist is usually guided for crossing the lake, upon reaching Taal Volcano tourist travel the volcano island by horseback riding during their trip up and down at the mountain, visitors are amazed with the natures stunning view of the volcano especially at the top offers incredible view of the crater and its surrounding.

Tagaytay :

Tagaytay is Taal’s nearby by city, it is the highest peak are of the Province of Cavite with an altitude of 2,100 feet above sea level. Tagaytay has become a popular tourist destination due to its cold weather and natural scenery it offer. Tagaytay is well known for its over looking view of Taal lake and Volcano, so it is advisable to visit Tagaytay primarily to view a complete glance of lake and island before going directly on Taal.

Accomodation :

There are a lots of small hotel and inn to cater tourist accommodation fo Taal’s tourist, If you looking for a highend Hotel’s it is advisable to spend a night at Tagaytay as there are a lots of decent Hotel at the area. Taal is just 30 – 45 minute away.

Taal is just one of hundred’s tourist spot destination in Philippines, our country is an archipelago country that compose of 7,100 island. Philippines has one of longest shoreline in the world. Philippines beach and resort as one of the best in the world , among them are Boracay island resort and Panglao Beach resort, aside from those wonderful beaches Philippines has to offer, our country is also known for its finest diving site known as Tubbataha reef. Those tourist spot is another places in Philippines that must be visit not just for local tourist but for foreign as well.

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